Learn German as a foreign language at our studio in Kirchheim

Germany, Europe's industrial powerhouse, is becoming a more attractive place to live or to visit for people around the world. Today, there is a rich selection of German courses to learn the German language or to improve your knowledge of German. This is provided also in Kirchheim, near Stuttgart, where our language school focuses on German courses for foreigners or visitors from abroad.

Course intensity is determined by your actual requirements, goals and level of knowledge. Whether you would like to improve communication, improve your language skills for everyday life, or for special professional purposes, our language school in Kirchheim offers a choice of German courses; for students, for au-pairs working in the Kirchheim/Esslingen/Stuttgart area, German language for everyday or intensive training for foreign visitors while spending a few days or weeks in the area of Esslingen and Kirchheim.

Do you come from abroad? Would you like to learn German at our language school in Kirchheim? Download our English-language participation request form in the "download" area, and send it back to us. We will get back to you quickly with a detailed offer, customized to your needs.

We offer special pricing for students.

If needed, we offer special services to make your stay in Germany as comfortable as possible, such as picking you up from the Stuttgart Airport or Main Train Station, or providing assistance in booking hotel rooms.

Discover the beauty of the German language at our language school in Kirchheim/Teck, in the artistic surroundings of half-timber houses in the foothills of the Swabian Alps.